It’s no secret that Costa Rica’s popularity has absolutely exploded over the last decade or so. While this has turned some places into touristy, westernized hubs for expats and backpackers, that doesn’t mean that Costa Rica has lost all of its aesthetic appeal just yet. Both the Caribbean and Pacific side offer breathtaking beaches to suit any type of travelers. So beach bunnies, surf bums, and solitude-seekers alike, get excited. Here’s an inside look at some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica we’ve experienced so far:


An Inside Look At The Most Beautiful Beaches in Costa Rica


Playa Cocles


Playa del Cocles Beach in Costa Rica


Many backpackers cram into Puerto Viejo’s small strip of ‘beach’, unaware that this pristine gem of sand and surf is just a short bike ride away. Playa Cocles is a paradise for surfers and yogis, or anyone looking to escape the crowds. Most serious surfers use Playa Cocles as a base for chasing the world-renowned Salsa Bravo wave, a swell worthy of even the most experienced surfers.


Playa Grande


Playa Grande Beach in Costa Rica


There’s not much happening around Playa Grande, but that’s part of the beach’s charm. Come here for its surf, the stunning sunsets, or a chance to see the leatherback turtles that nest upon its shores. We chose the latter, and after staying up to the wee hours of the morning, we were able to catch a glimpse of a mother as she laid and buried her eggs—a truly spectacular site.


Playa Tamarindo


Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica


Playa Tamarindo is just the next beach up from Playa Grande. It’s actually possible to walk between the two beaches in 35 minutes or so, though you’ll have to pay 500 colones to a local boatman to take you across the crock-infested river. Tamarindo is excessively touristy. If you’re looking for a party beach and plenty of nightlife, then this is the perfect spot for you. Alternatively, choose dawn or dusk for a bit more beach to yourself.


Santa Teresa


Santa Teresa Beach in costa Rica Sunset


We can’t sing Santa Teresa’s praises enough. The town itself is the perfect balance of off-the-beaten-path, while still having great restaurants and plenty of attractions. We found this beach to be one of the most beautiful we visited in all of Costa Rica.


Playa Tamales


Playa Tamales Beach in Costa Rica


If you want to escape it all, then this is the beach for you. There might be a playful White Capuchin Monkey or pair of Red Macaws to distract you from your solitude, but that’s honestly about it. This secluded beach is located off the property of Blue Osa on the Osa Peninsula—a truly magical place. We’ll be writing extensively on Blue Osa in the upcoming weeks and the one-of-a-kind experience we had there.


Playas del Coco


Playas del Coco Beach in Costa Rica


At first, this beach didn’t take our breath away like some of the others we visited. There’s a small boardwalk and quite a bit of development around the beach, which of course takes away from its remoteness. However, as soon as we saw our first sunset, we understood the area’s appeal. Playa del Cocos is also a great place to use as a base for boating or kayaking to nearby secret coves. Our friends at My Tan Feet are experts on the area (and Costa Rica); we recommend their site as a wonderful resource to anyone headed to the country!


Cahuita National Park


Cahuita National Park


Cahuita National Park is a must-see for anyone on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. If you’re not up for a whole hike, there’s a beautiful beach at the park’s entrance in the town of Cahuita. Fee is by donation—you’ll quickly notice it’s put to good use to keep the area pristine. Throughout the National Park are strips of white sand and hidden beaches, the perfect spot to bring a picnic and go for a dip.


Corcovado National Park


Corcovado Beach in Costa Rica


Corcovado is still very much the Wild, Wild West of Costa Rica. The beach is part of the national park, and thus only accessible with a park permit. The untouched paradise is just about as remote as it gets, and a perfect place to spot crocodiles, macaws, and monkeys, as well as a variety of birds and plants endemic to the park itself.




Samara Beach in Costa Rica


Samara is one of our favorite beach towns in Costa Rica. The town itself has managed to maintain a slow and sleepy feel, despite the regular flow of tourists it receives. Expect long strips of sandy beaches and gentle, lapping waves. Globetrotter Girls first recommended us to Samara, and we’re so happy we took the time to visit. For more practical information on the beach town, be sure to check out their site!


We hope these pictures wet your appetite for more Costa Rica goodness! In the upcoming weeks we’ll be sharing additional tips and tricks about the area attractions around these beaches—and more!


Which beach looks the most beautiful to you? What do you look for in a beach escape? What do you think is the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica?